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Timothy J. Allyn


About The Author

Timothy J. Allyn has very elaborate dreams and sometimes nightmares. In 1980 he began writing down these dreams that were in extreme detail and sometimes continuing. They might be from a past life or possibly a future life. His books must be considered fiction because the characters in the books seem real to him in great detail but have no correlation or reference to anyone in his family or to anyone, he has interacted with. He believes in charity and helping those less fortunate than himself. In fact, he has written a stage play that has been determined to be 100% charity and written in the style of Charles Dickens. Please see his ongoing and completed projects.

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Original Adjusted Premise for the Writing of the XYXion String

        Curiosity and exploration have always been powerful human traits. I believe the answers to all questions and conundrums have been placed before us so simplified that the learned scholars and physicists are overshadowed with theories and rules as the baseline that they cannot see the simple remedies. These endowed scholars are the most intelligent individuals on the planet and have achieved a great deal in exploring our universe. They have extreme calculations to explain the variable response of a set of results. Sophisticated equations that only they can recognize and decipher. Using set constants in a hieroglyphical form to a set of multipliers and processes in an equation so that an uninformed individual of those constants and methods cannot immediately recognize its function or form. Without this knowledge, the actual remedy can be found simply by observing and experimenting with the physical means that are available to them. The learned physicist could only explain the final result as a vast equation.

         The theory of thinking “Out of the box” and not being constrained by known rules and limitations will help us excel in the very near future. The great inventors of our past did not adhere to the laws we know now, as they didn’t know them yet. The experimenters of the past got it wrong hundreds of times, but the result was a revolutionary discovery that changed how we did things. I sometimes think we are over-encumbered by knowledge and written mathematics and physics and are afraid to build or create a viable new concept or contraption. In my experimentation, I have noticed the inability of different fields to intermingle their technology with other technologies. The holders of some proprietary technologies to release their discoveries or join another technology to create a more significant technology is absurd. The concept of the greater good is clouded by the greed of propriety and the possible theft of their profits. This brings me to the inability of socially stable individuals to share, and when proposed, the issue of percentage of share is exhibited. Again, greed is our most significant hurdle.

        I am not a Socialist, nor do I subscribe to sharing for the greater good. But when a revolutionary discovery is made, all the contributors will profit beyond their needs for the rest of their lives. Contracts can be made and adhered to and will be honored by ethical human beings with ethics and morals. There was a time when men could shake hands, which meant an oath of honor, and both would honor that with their lives. Then there are the dishonorable humans, who would cheat and go against their promise, and those are the humans who disrupt and discourage the advancement of humanity. Utilities that will squelch and bury technology because it doesn’t favor their bottom line or eliminate or buy up any technology because it will make their comfort obsolete. Yet, as humans, we complain and spend millions of dollars to study the effects of these currently used obsolete technologies and their impact on our environment. Some counter-advancement and monies are made outside their focus, but they would stop another more advanced technology instead. These people will soon be dispelled by advanced ideas that cannot escape their grasp. An army of very influential and advanced groups will take over without them even being aware. They will not be able to assonate those who carry the knowledge because they will have grown old and out of general control. These new creators will be honorable and have great integrity. Unfortunately, they probably will be no different from the previous predatory utilities that put technology to its knees and in static acceptance. They think they are the best and king of the hill when they are a tiny steppingstone to better-advanced technologies. Being a professor or a highly revered scholar will not insulate you from being bettered by a lesser being who has discovered another way. As that professor and scholar, you will first attempt disproval and discrediting and then acceptance and stasis once met with resistance.

        So far, today, electric utilities have bought up technology since the days of Tesla, and even recent history that would have saved Americans Billions of dollars and advanced our lives exponentially. They have no record of ever wanting or needing to release this technology in the distant future. The Oil companies have bought up and buried technology that they also do not want the American people ever to have. Of course, doing so is in their best interest, and they would happily call me a liar. We hear little glimmers of these technologies, and they are discredited, so we ignore them when we should pursue them and create them, so we profit from them and be willing to die for them. Isn’t it that we are to advance without fear of being discredited? If it works, we use it despite patents bought up by large companies and utilities.

        Today, we focus our resources on virtually inefficient and costly technologies, and we are allowed to do so because they don’t work and are not the actual future. For example, Solar Panels exude a tremendous efficiency of 7%; if anything in this universe were acceptable with an efficiency of 10%, that would be absurd. Yet billions of dollars are spent to build this inefficient equipment, and people are investing more and more. The advancements of these products are at a snail’s pace, sucking on the grants and virtually getting nowhere and building huge facilities and signing huge international contracts that they can’t fulfill. All of this is at the expense of the stockholders and government grants. These people are nothing more than modern-day carpetbaggers, with huge expendable bankrolls providing nothing but meaningless pipedreams and hopes of salvation. I am not one of those individuals.

        I am not going to write large equations on walls trying to explain what just happened; I would build a prototype that works, and after I make it – By Federal Patent Rules, it can’t be patented but can be stolen by virtual thieves that should be removed from humanity. To steal an idea is no different than picking my pocket and stealing everything in my wallet, including my identity. The virtue of honor and integrity has been exchanged for valueless profit and money. It’s no different than the gunslinger from the Wild West making his opponent dance while he shoots at his feet. The big difference is that the vast conglomerate utilities and large businesses do this to everyone, even governments. Those gunslingers fund those governments. Then there are governments in this world that rape the workforce and give no hope of imagination for technology; they only put a small group intimidated by their life to produce a half-assed solution instead of reward. Then there are countries, maybe the same countries, that employ people to travel to other countries to gather technology because their population has lost the initiative to develop something new. Hitler made many significant advancements, but the inventors and learned men escaped to the United States and South America to escape the ultimate prize: death.

        When Henry Ford built the prototype of the internal combustion engine on his dining room table, did he already apply for the patent? NO! When his invention worked, he then applied for the patent. - He then applies for the patent. ABSOLUTELY! But in current-day rules, you cannot patent a working prototype. The promotion of building a working, viable prototype to better humanity in our free government is gone. I guess the best way to accomplish this would be to create prototypes that nobody can reverse engineer without destroying it, but it works, and they will never know. If you patent anything in this free United States of America, it will be witnessed and duplicated before the patent is processed because of the power of the Internet and the impropriety of the patent office to keep your applied patent undisclosed. Every country can view it and see it before it’s even processed. Your product will be in mass production before you can even ask for financing to build it. Our country is at a virtual standstill in technology, and with the current environment, it will continue that way. Apart from the Internet and computers. Because who in the blue blazes wants to create and design something that would benefit all humankind when it is stolen in less than a second?

        If you, as a government agency, believe that the current environment is acceptable, then you will be left with the polluted environment you’ve personally chosen to leave your citizens with. You will receive only half-assed solutions to your problems from academia (government-funded schools) and utilities that receive government grants. Believe it or not, there are many very educated inventors in society; until you call on them and reward them for their ideas, you’re stuck with many costs and rhetoric. And you didn’t solve a damned thing. I think you should continue paying those high price tags to those institutions for exploring space and those extreme equations when you don’t even understand the depths of the sea. The answers are among the populous, not the few who think their shit doesn’t stink. Until your back is against the wall ecologically, you may find the answers in the most unlikely places. Continue to fill the landfills when energy and cleanliness can be accomplished otherwise. Continue to fund the E.P.A. when the cures are right before you for all the emissions. All you need to do is protect and reward the individuals responsible for solving your problems. If the predatory agencies have the upper hand, we problem solvers will die with the answers.

        Please understand that there are FEWER emissions if you use less fuel to accomplish the same job and distance more efficiently. Less emissions means less impact on the environment. Using readily available but harnessed or stored energy means no waste or impact on anything. Yet developing new isotopes that can’t be disposed of without polluting our world is again dangerous and unethical.

        This author’s series of books is a fictional tale of a group of scientists brought together by our government to devise a particular item. What these learned physicists, doctors, mechanic, and computer programmers discover during the development of the specific project is truly unique. The XYXion cannot be reverse engineered because, once treated, it changes form to an unidentifiable substance. This team was hired and commissioned by a government agency named F.S.R.A. Federal Space Research Administration. While experimenting with the XYXion material, they ran into a success and a catastrophic planetary disaster. This XYXion material provides them with the ability to fix it. The team meets with retaliation in Book II but still provides the government with their sought-after finished item. The team refuses anything to do with the XYXion material used for a weapon and protects it and its properties from the government and other agencies. In book III, the team stages their death and assumes alternate identities to continue experimenting with the endless capabilities of the XYXion material. All their findings of this material would change life on Earth as we know it, and only for the better.         In my many books, I will challenge and provoke the thinking out of the box scenarios; I have many solutions for many problems and have made prototypes that work. But unfortunately, I will not release them as they are advanced and will be discredited. I use them myself for my good. However, I actively challenge other intelligent humans to work with me to improve the solutions. I have already designed and constructed combustion-based prototypes that have been attempted in discredit, but why do I possess them, and they still work? I will not attempt to patent or expose them because the basis will be stolen, and I can go to my grave with the satisfaction that I know the answers. Nicholas Tesla also took his authentic information to the grave, and I now understand why. I am under no circumstance or even in the same galaxy as the profound knowledge and discoveries that Nichola Tesla had and practiced. The government desires a lack of efficiency, and so do the utilities. You’re happy where you are. I am not. I will never be a carpetbagger selling false hopes or concepts for my profit. But on the same note, I will not be a victim of theft again. I only desire proper compensation for my work. My credentials will only be disclosed after careful consideration.

        As a side comment: My father always told me to keep it simple stupid. The K.I.S.S. coefficient, explained in the books. If we fail to understand and develop the technologies that were created and buried in the past. We will be condemned to repeat them. The fuel cell technology was bought by Otter Creek Utilities. Tesla’s abandoned miniature perpetual power plants used for powering remote federal parks. These and thousands of other examples. Maybe, AI from another country will uncover our buried technologies for themselves.


                                                                      Fiction Author of the XYXion series

                                                                                         Timothy J. Allyn

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