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Legal Disclaimer for The XYXion String Book Series

      Under no circumstance do these stories reflect or associate the inner workings of the National Aeronautics Space Administration aka NASA, or any of its affiliates, colleges or facilities associated with them. Additionally, under no circumstance does this purely fictitious story reflect or insinuate the inner working of the United States Military branches Army, Navy, Marines, Air force, or Space force, in any regard to rank associations or their functions, or any associations to or with any other agencies. Furthermore, this does not reflect the inner workings of the military of any other nation, their functions, or response procedures. This is strictly fictional, all characters developed in this story are not representative of any individuals working with or associated with any faction, college, or any branch of the military. Furthermore, the mention of Green Peace and their positive or negative responses, or any referencing of their responses are truly fictitious, the story is contrived as a ‘what if’ scenario and is purely fiction. The characters do not reflect or represent any individual living or dead, there is no intention for reference to any individual with a similar or like name. The author does not want to infer or insinuate any knowledge of the workings or procedures of the research and development processes in any way or form. This is strictly fiction and contrived within the imagination of the author's mind. The FSRA aka: Federal Space Research Administration is imagined and contrived as a fictitious agency that does not exist according to the authors research, if in fact an agency of this name does exist it was never the intention to reflect its operations, or any and all reference to an actual agency or administration. 

Leading Characters:

Dr. Ronald Willis  Government Project CEO for the F.S.R.A.

Dr. Raymond Pellaster  F.S.R.A. Government Project Manager
Dr. David Trautch

Caltech professor of Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics

Dr. Elli Dangie

​Cal Tech advisor in Theoretical Physics. She also has a doctorate in biological and physical mechanics.

Dr. Bernard Stephans

MIT Grad student with a PHD in Biological Engineering, Chemical Engineering, continued education and recognition in electrical engineering and mechanical engineering.

Dr. Hanna Parks

Professor from the University of Chicago and Doctor of Molecular Engineering. Creator of the XYXion compound

Herb Lang

Veteran who owns a custom auto and cycle shop in Pasadena

Lee Chen

Postgraduate from Stanford University and studied physics and biology but has a very strong aptitude for computer  programming.

General Henry Burkett

United States Marines Five Star General & Liaison to the United States Space Force

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