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            Dark Matter and Dark Energy the invisible undiscovered fabric and guiding force to all molecules in existence. Whether it be a solid, liquid, gas, or a void. Dark Matter and Dark Energy does not follow any known rules of physics or rules governing molecules or the compounds that the molecule make up. It adheres or repels the fundamental components of an atom, the protons, neutrons, and electrons. Dark energy provides the constraints to which a molecule is made and the stable form it is allowed to take. All forms of known energy traverse through dark matter and dark energy. Everything from a bolt of lightning to the synapsis of energy that conveys a thought in your brain. The gravities that hold a planet together to a magnetic field that could make a quantum computer operate at room temperature. Chemical reactions where molecules have vanished to maybe another dimension. Black Holes in space where matter enters but can never escape,  even photons of all light frequencies are bent and engulfed. Radiation and gravities are rendered as gone. Time, space, and dimensions are dissolved into an inconceivable abyss.

            If another race of intelligent beings had from their very beginning, the catalyst to harness Dark Matter and Dark energy. They would have had billions of years of evolution to practice the use of harnessing and manipulating it. Defying gravity and making compounds from manipulated molecules that we as earthlings could not comprehend. We could never defend ourselves from such beings because they have the practiced knowledge and have the ability to harness all the technologies concerning Dark Matter and Dark Energy. If the ancient Egyptians had contact with an alien race, it would rapidly explain the ability to lift, cut, and engineer very large stones. It would also explain the amount of gold found at those sites, as I do not believe there were enormous natural gold deposits in that area. I also believe the tools and technology to mine and refine the gold was way above their knowledge and capabilities. Gold can be made with the manipulation of molecules by an advanced race. Maybe, just maybe, we as humans on planet Earth discovered a compound that did exactly that and have conquered the time space continuum, gravity, and manipulation of Dark Energy and Dark Matter.

            The XYXion String book details the lives and experiences of the accidental discovery of Dark Energy and Dark Matter and the struggles associated with having that newly found knowledge. The books are written in a realistic fiction that possibly already happened. Maybe that is why a quantum computer will soon be made that can operate at room temperature. These are questions posed to the reader. Whether you’re a renowned physicist, chemist, or the average person, there are no elaborate equations that the average person would not have a clue about, but it will inspire a new direction of thought. The three physicists, a chemist, a computer genius, and a mechanic couldn’t quite comprehend what they had discovered.


Manuscript Specifics:

XYXion String Book One “Amazing Discovery”

Body 12pt double spaced Times New Roman

330 pages, 117,127 words 44 Chapters

Flesch Reading Ease: 72.8

Flesch Kincaid Grade Level: 7.7

Author: Timothy J. Allyn

Cover Art: Timothy J. Allyn

Full Legal Disclaimer written by author.

Written and edited 2001 and 2023.

Venue: Action Romance Realistic Fiction.

Sub involving: Romance, Comedy, Humor, Discovery, Action, Situational Struggles, Personal Interactions, Catastrophic Situations, and Victories.

Synopsis of XYXion String Book Series

            The XYXion String Series is a Realistic Science Fiction novel, it creates a scenario that may have currently happened or will happen in the near future. The discovery of a compound that was originally intended for a particular project for a viewing window for a nuclear reactor that blocked all radiation. The product worked but turned black when exposed to radiation and reverted to clear when radiation ceased. This material was abandoned by the chemical engineer that created it. The United States Space Force recognized some remote aspects of this material and assembled a group of high-level physicists and two technically mechanical individuals, along with the original chemist to complete a specific project for the government. The project was not a weapon but a surveillance beam. The assembled team were adamantly opposed to any weapon creation.

          The XYXion compound was created by Hanna Parks from the University of Chicago. After the introduction of the new FSRA (Federal Science Research Administration) team and given the parameters of the project the physicists along with Dr. Parks experimented with a derived version of her XYXion formula. The novel defines the interactions and experimental process in detail.

Very soon in the experimental stages they quickly realized that they had discovered a substance that harnessed and utilized dark energy. The new analytical unit did exactly what the government had requested but before it could be revealed to them, one of the physicists experimented on his own and discovered the XYXion had antigravitational capabilities utilizing a clockwise electromagnetic field. The whole FSRA team then experimented with a counterclockwise electromagnetic field which caused an apocalyptic event on the opposite side of the earth, thankfully the FSRA team knew the antidote to the huge event happening in the Indian Ocean and solved the world ending event. The government was provided with a miniaturized version for the exact purpose they had requested. The FSRA physicists did not disclose the other attributes of the XYXion String formula to the government, but the international governments and the United States government predicted the potential of this material as a weapon. The FSRA team maintain their personal relationships with each other and continue experimentation of the XYXion material to create world changing inventions that could only be in the possession of aliens from another world.

          The author makes every attempt to create a real-life situations and scenarios based on reality. The characters in the XYXion String series of books are memorable and distinct. It outlines the reactions of the creator chemist and physicists to a material they simply cannot explain, along with their experimentation for the manipulation of dark energy and how it reacts with real matter. This story does not require a doctorate in Physics or even a high school education to understand the concepts. The conversations and debates this novel would produce in the physics departments and universities of the world could be thought changing in their research. The XYXion String book series is an action-packed twists and turns in the effects of human nature and discovery. It is an eventual discovery that will change the world as we know it, but whether or not this technology would ever be provided to the public is yet to be discovered. It would be a movie that I would watch! Along with sequels.

Spokesperson and representative for the Author: Timothy J. Teague  419.466.6836


Manuscript Specifics

XYXion String Book Two “Evil Element”

Body 12pt double spaced Times New Roman

234 pages, 89,681 words, 32 Chapters

Flesch Reading Ease: 73.1

Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level: 7.5

Author: Timothy J. Allyn

Cover Art: Timothy J. Allyn

Full Legal Disclaimer written by author.

Written and edited 2018 and 2023.

Venue: Realistic Fiction.

Sub category involving: Romance, Comedy, Humor, Discovery, Action, Situational Struggles, Personal Interactions, Catastrophic Situations, and Victories.


              This continuing fictitious story is based on an incredibly detailed continuing dream that the author has documented. This dream is ongoing, possibly based on a life in a different dimension, or a life that has not occurred yet. This dream plays like a movie, and the characters in this book have no association to any living person in the authors real life. The author does not have any association with any military divisions or has been exposed to any military protocols in any way. He is not a veteran or served in any military or federal agency division. The author researched in depth all the attributes to this story and is confident that everything is unrelated to anybody living or dead. A very defined legal disclaimer is before the first chapter. To understand and process what is happening in book two, it is very important to have read book 1.

              This story is a continuation about a fictitious federal agency, F.S.R.A., the Federal Space Research Administration, a federal government funded organization based in Pasadena California. The team was under the illusion that they were coming home to a hero’s welcome. After they had made solution to an earth destroying situation. They quickly realized because of the international media attention it could not remain that way. This team of intelligent individuals resorted to defend themselves, hide, and solve another catastrophe. The XYXion material is not the evil element in this story. The secrets they had learned no longer remained confidential to themselves because they were forced to use the XYXion compound to defend themselves and their beliefs. Until they continue to experiment and amaze you in book 3. Will they survive?

Spokesperson and representative for the Author: Timothy J. Teague  419.466.6836

Coming Soon!
Book 3
Gravity of the Situation


              These esteemed doctors now friends and family. Book three reveals some greater enormous benefits about this XYXion element. This book takes you through their research and development process and the new things the doctors discovered.

Still a lot of twists and turns. The aroma of a fourth book is strong in the air.  Timothy J. Allyn

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