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Lagerhause Happy Christmas Mr. Fezziwig

Written in the style of Charles Dickens a story about who Mr. Fezziwig was. This is a precursor to the famous Christmas Carol and is a book about the stage production I have written and completed. This book will be strictly published and sold with all proceeds to feed the less fortunate. The stage play also has stipulations as a 100% charity stage production. There will be no compensation retained by the author in regards to the production of this book or stage play.

Holiday Reading

TOU My Time Guide

     This book is written in a fantasy premise of going back and changing the authors actual tragic past. This was originally written as a therapy book and a self-analysis into the scenarios if things were adjusted differently in the authors life. The story is built on actual events in the authors life and provides alternate outcomes if things that happened differently. It takes the reader through the process of how the main character builds a crude time machine and intent of going back to see his parents when he was a young child but was greeted by a gatekeeper TOU. TOU warned him but provided the main character with a more advanced time machine with strict warnings that were disobeyed, and the author's character becomes lost in alternate timelines trying to get back to his reality. 

     This book impresses on the reader that their actual life and timeline happened for a reason and that someday in the readers future it will be revealed why.

This book is currently being revised, edited, and reevaluated by the author. Work in progress.

TOU My Time Guide

Timothy J. Allyn

     This author has always been in an alternate fantasy world separate from his real life. He has had hundreds of dreams and nightmares that are so vivid in nature that he needed to record them to keep them from effecting his real life.

     Tim is a fanatic about details and facts and will research particular details to the extent that it delays the progression of his writing. If he were to just write in his current thought progression and do the research later these books would be completed much quicker. Writer's block is something this author has never experienced; in fact, it is more on the order of too many directions and too many ideas. Sorting and categorizing what only needs to be written and convey the original meaning to the reader.

     If a bibliography were to be written about Tim's real life it would probably be termed as fiction and probably very hard to believe. Writing has been his therapy and if nothing comes of it, writing has helped him survive.  

  Timothy J. Allyn hopes to meet you again or for the very first time. May you be blessed.

Fiction Reading
Keep reading my friends, relax, enjoy life as it is very short. Please look around you and study the Great Architects gifts that surround you. Happiness will be in the smallest detail.
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